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Environment and Climate Change for New Construction | Existing Assets

- Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001

- Environmental, Social, Health & Safety Site Management

- Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and management frameworks

- Carbon Footprint Assessment and ISO Certification

- Quality Assured Monitoring for Air Pollutants, Dust and Odour

- Compliance Monitoring, Record-keeping and Reporting

- Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling

- Odour and Dust Impact Assessments

- Environmental, Energy and Well-Being Design for New Construction

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New Construction | Existing Assets

- Energy Modelling and Daylight Design & Simulation

- Energy Management System according to ISO 50001

- Electricity Monitoring Systems and Consumption Statistics & Analysis

- Baseline Study and Formulation of Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI)

- Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems Design and Feasibility Studies

- Waste to Energy Feasibility Studies and Systems Design

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Waste Management

New Construction | Existing Assets

- Industrial and Municipal Waste Infrastructure and Operating Systems

- Waste to Energy Feasibility Studies and System Design

- Hazardous Waste Management

- Waste Minimisation Services


Green Building

New Construction | Existing Assets

- Green Building Rating Systems and Certification

- Energy Modelling and Daylight Design & Simulation

- Environmental, Energy and Well-Being Design for New Construction and commercial interiors

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Social Development

We set the Community First!

- Social Baseline and Pre-Impact State and Data Collection

- Stakeholder Analysis, Community Engagement and Community Profiles

- Grievance Mechanisms

- Social, Community Health and Human Rights Impact Assessment

- Implementation of Social Management Plans

- Corporate Social Responsibility | ISO 26000 Management Systems - Social and Environmental Responsibilities

- Participatory Social Monitoring Programs

- Local Content and Social Investment Strategies

- Regulatory Mapping and Gap Analysis

- Compliance policies

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Corporate Sustainability

We address it Differently!

- Carbon Footprint Assessment & Certification/ CDP

- GRI Sustainability Reporting

- Corporate Sustainability Training and Capacity Building

- Corporate Culture - Internal & External Communications

- Resource Efficiency

- Sustainability Supply Chain & Operations Management

- Brand Equity & Innovation

- Community Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement

- Corporate Sustainability Film & Short Sustainability Documentary

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Bespoke Services

- We help you measure what you care about and lead the change. We create an innovative robust and resilient strategy to help you take the corrective steps towards a long-term sustainability journey !

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